Kodėl verta rinktis Losmados gaminius?

Why choose Losmada products?

✔ Today, the supply in Lithuania is very huge and it is really difficult to choose places to shop. Most (but not all) developers appreciate quality and offer it to their customers, so you just have to choose what you like best and not buy unnecessary clothes that will only take place in the closet.

✔ More and more customers are emerging who are determined to pay a little more, but get quality and longevity. Although gradually, the public is gradually refusing to consumption. 

🟢 We are no exception, we make quality, certified fabrics, but we are distinguished by the fact that we try to create not only fun, long -lived clothes, but also models themselves, which after a year or two - "will not go out of fashion". Therefore, we boldly recommend Losmads. 


With love,

Simona, founder of Losmados ❤️