Return and replacement

Return of quality goods, in accordance with the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania and the Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania (22.07.2014) regarding the approval of the Retail Rules and the Retail Rules themselves.

In the event that the consumer enters into a contract of sale (hereinafter) using only means of communication (remote contract) and therefore cannot, before the conclusion of the contract, to use the law to inspect the goods and to assess the nature of the services provided, he or she has the right to withdraw in writing to the seller in writing within 14 (fourteen) days of the date of delivery of the goods. If the Buyer has purchased several goods by one contract, he or she has the right to completely abandon all the goods purchased by one contract or only some of the goods purchased by one contract. The term of the written request for 14 (fourteen) days shall be calculated from the date of transfer of the goods (s) to the Buyer or his authorized representative and is not extended or linked to the transfer or return of the goods to the seller or another person for reasons independent.

The quality goods purchased can be returned within 14 days. If: 

  • The returned item is in the original neat packaging;
  • the item is unused and undamaged;
  • the item has not lost its commercial appearance (intact labels, non -tear protective film, bags, etc.);
  • The returned item is full completed;

(*Time is calculated from the start of the shipment and cannot be extended)

Important! The transport costs for the return of the goods refund are non -refundable (unless otherwise agreed).

The costs of delivery of the parcel of defective/defective goods are borne by the seller.


In order to return the item please send the request in a free form to, indicating: your data (name, surname, order number), the reason for the return. In response, we will clarify what address to return the item. 

To change the item - send a request in a free form, specifying the former order number, the name, size, color of the item being replaced. 

! We do not accept individually sewn products.